Property Tax Reduction

Ralph Alouidor & Associations P.C. recognizes that one of the problems of homeowners these days is their rising property tax payroll figures. You may argue that your taxes are way too high for the real market value of your property.

One weak point you can suggest when trying to make an appeal to lower your property tax is that local governments assign property values for a span of every three or even more years. The market value of your property three years ago may no longer be the same at present, thus presenting the possibility of inaccuracy for your property tax calculations.

We will make this process easier for you by assisting you in your petition. Our lawyers are experts in arguing the justice behind the calculation of taxes; we will even guide you in re-assessing your property, examining your previous property tax records and lowering valuations with our proven techniques.

If you have questions, please contact us at (347) 766-8212 or through our online contact us form.